About Akliz WOWsoSELLOUT

Akliz is a company that one of my friends does work for, and they recently reached out to offer me a sponsorship.

Basically their prime service right now is Minecraft servers with a mod-handling system that honestly does take out all the confusing BS that is typically involved in modding Minecraft. Or maybe I just suck with modding, idk. But they sell pretty cheap servers for groups of friends (or more) and offer a very easy to use modding system. I can offer a 10% discount on their servers because of my partnership, so if you’re into minecraft and are looking to have your own server, I strongly recommend them (and not just because I’m sponsored, I really was into minecraft like 2 years ago and god I wish they existed then, so we didn’t have to jerry-rig our own setup).

Link to get it if youre into making MineCraft more personal and fun:  http://www.akliz.net/aggressus

Discount code: AGGRO


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