You can call me Jani, or as I’m known in many online games, Aggression.

It comes from both one of my oldest online tags and also my cross-game playstyle of being hyper-aggro (often to a fault). I use that as my tag whenever I can, with Aggressus being the ‘backup’ for when it’s taken, and a more ‘official’ sounding name that’s not just a word. Aggressus is latin for “attacking” or “on the offense”, so it still captures my behavior in most activities. Other IGN’s I go by are DemonTheory, Stiletto, VeLaTheory, what, and occasionally random other ones.

This website is a hosting location for all the content I create and want to have out there, in one place. Sort of like a central media location for anything I do, from twitch streams, to youtube videos, to symbols or themes created in APB: Reloaded. Think of it as a public portfolio.

I hope you enjoy your stay.


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Twitch Hours;

MON-WED: 5:00 - 9:00+
TR-SAT: 11:00 - 4:00


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