APB: Reloaded

About the Game

APB: Reloaded has been one of my favorite games for the past four years. I started playing Fall of 2011, but was mostly into playing CrossFire still. Around winter when steam was released, however, it had become my go-to game and would only be eclipsed by League of Legends when my computer began to have trouble running the game at over 30fps.
If you’ve never heard of the game, it’s basically an objective-based 3rd person shooter with a very heavy community and social aspect. It had an extremely brutal learning curve and a playerbase full of arrogant toxic children, but not a single game has come close to filling the niche it does, particularly its customization and ability to let people express themselves in game.

The main part of the game, missions, involve attack/defense and driving from point to point, with the attackers attempting to get through every stage of the mission to the final stage, where the defenders get one last chance to stop them in a team deathmatch, item hold, point capture, king of the hill, or the like.

The second part of the game is Fight Club, a constant team deathmatch either in the Baylan Shipyard, an area of the Waterfront mission district, or a special Fight Club only map, Abington Towers Asylum. These maps allow players to just fight with guns nonstop and is the primary method for earning tickets used for various high end ingame items.
The third part of the game is what makes it truly unique, the Social District. This is primarily used as a lobby for players forming groups to play missions together, purchasing and selling items, as well as every customization aspect of the game, from designing symbols to be placed on clothing/cars/billboards, songs, death themes, clothes, and cars. It also is where players can sell these creations to each other. Mostly, however, it’s used for players who don’t really want to play the game to sit around and troll each other while proclaiming internet superiority over public VOIP, or just to afk without being kicked.

If you’re new to the game and want things explained to you, feel free to ask questions when I’m streaming, in game, or by any other means. I plan on making some basic video guides to core aspects of the game many new players won’t understand, and they’ll be directly linked here as I actually complete them.


Official Character List

Aggression: R255, Jericho, Enforcer

StiIetto: R207, Jericho, Criminal

CaramelJaani: R49, Jericho, Criminal

OBlR: R39, Jericho, Criminal

EntropyEngine, R5, Jericho, Enforcer

DemonTheory: R41, Citadel, Criminal

OBlR: R82, Citadel, Criminal

NlGERIAN: R23, Citadel, Enforcer

I also have three “stealth” characters, one enforcer and two criminals, that I play on when I don’t feel like interacting with people and just want “radio silence”. Nothing personal, sometimes I just want to play without pressure. I only really need one stealth alt though, so they may get revealed as I make new ones.


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