under construction

I consider a well designed and “fleshed out” character to be just as valid a creation as a symbol or song in-game. Half the fun of the game is taking a character and combining their physical appearance with specific outfits, cars, themes, and even weapon loadouts to better “characterize” them. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking this. Anyway, this page is where I showcase the characters I’ve designed in the game… mostly for myself. I don’t honestly expect anyone else to be interested in this, lol.

Basically, this shows completed outfits as worn by the character they were “intended” for (even if it’s not my character! As some of you know, I have done MANY free outfit designs for friends or even strangers when I just want an idea to be used…) combined with the theme, symbol, vehicle, and loadout I feel fits with that. For characters that are not mine, I’m going to just ask the people what they use with it, if they don’t care / don’t respond I’ll just make up what I think goes with it because I find that fun okay.